Earthism for the air

I bless and am extraordinarily grateful for Mother Earth and the clean, fresh air all around me. What a beautiful sacred gift this is. I bless my breath and my body’s ability to breathe this clean, fresh air. I thank and bless the Divine Creator and the Spirit of the Earth for giving us all the beautiful things around us. Every time I see the blue sky, and breathe in the clean, fresh air, I am reminded how lucky I truly am. I am so happy and blessed that we have such a kind and generous friend in Mother Earth. With every breath, I let go of the old, and welcome in the new.

The daily quote from The Love Foundation by Harold W. Becker

We are one humanity on this planet, co-creating a beautiful unfolding journey - Harod W Beckar The Love Foundation - earthism for the air

Our first EARTHism is EARTHism for The Air.

Taking a moment out of your day to honor and bless Planet Earth for the clean air she so lovingly provides is something you can easily do to make your personal biosphere a healthier, happier place!

Earthism for the Air

Take a moment to reflect on how EARTHism for the air makes you feel.

Journal and Meditation Prompt

As you reflect on this EARTHism, and sit in the quiet, notice how it feels to send love and appreciation to the Planet. Make a note of any thoughts, words, or phrases that come to mind as you think about it, and reflect upon the impact you can make on the world by following it. Now challenge yourself to think of some things you can personally do, in your home, neighborhood or community to love, honor, and protect Spaceship Earth. Enjoy the feeling of peace you feel, after taking the time to love,
honor, and cherish our precious Planet. Make a pact with yourself to find gratitude and joy along life’s crooked path and to bless, honor, and cherish the Earth every day.

We also have a short video to enjoy, featuring Earthism for the Air!

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