I send love and blessings to the Earth and to all the glaciers, groundwater, and surface water. I bless this symbiotic relationship. I am grateful for the immense contribution you have made to make the world a habitable, healthy place. I bless the world’s aquifers and the water supply. I send love to the groundwater that fills the spaces and cracks between soil particles. I bless our ability to pump water from deep in the ground. I bless the glaciers and the role they have played and are still playing on Planet Earth. I bless the saturated soil that carries and stores groundwater. I bless the bedrock that helps to hold the world in place. I bless the process of natural filtration, in which the world could not exist without. I send love, praise, and immense gratitude to the sacred waters of the world and praise the beauty and power that water so lovingly gives us every day. Thank you for your contribution. Thank you for your service. May we all be blessed with the sacred service that water so lovingly provides.

The daily quote from The Love Foundation by Harold W. Becker

"We honor our precious earth with gratitude and love." -- Harold W. Becker, The Love Foundation

The importance of the Earth’s glaciers and groundwater. What you need to know.

Have you ever stopped to think about how important our world’s glaciers and groundwater is?

The world is facing so many problems, from climate change to water scarcity, and the sad thing is, as hIce acts like a protective cover over the Earth and it also helps reflect excess heat back into space. In essence, the glaciers help to keep the Earth cool. Groundwater is also integrally important, in its role in the development of arid and semiarid zones. Take a moment today to bless and honor the glaciers and groundwater for the important role they play.umans we are responsible. If we want to start helping the planet regenerate, we must start shifting our consciousness. We must band together and help the world heal, one person at a time. This EARTHism for Regeneration is one small thing you can do, to play your part.

Earthism for Glaciers and Groundwater

Take a moment to reflect on how EARTHism for Glaciers & Groundwater makes you feel.

Journal and Meditation Prompt

As you reflect on this EARTHism, and sit in the quiet, notice how it feels to send love and appreciation to the Planet. Make a note of any thoughts, words, or phrases that come to mind as you think about it, and reflect upon the impact you can make on the world by following it. Now challenge yourself to think of some things you can personally do, in your home, neighborhood or community to love, honor, and protect Spaceship Earth. Enjoy the feeling of peace you feel, after taking the time to love,
honor, and cherish our precious Planet. Make a pact with yourself to find gratitude and joy along life’s crooked path and to bless, honor, and cherish the Earth every day.

We also have a short video to enjoy, featuring Earthism for Glaciers & Groundwater!