Celebrate Earth Day Stewarheirship with Earthisms - April 22-23 2022 - Earthism.space

Celebrate Earth Day StewardHeirShip

Here is our question for you:

Are you interested in a simple way to love, bless and honor Planet Earth?

If YES, our nonprofit organization Planet Blessed invites you to join us in a Zoom gathering on April 22 at 2:22 CDT to explore 4 Mindful EARTHisms with Leslie Riopel and Charles Betterton and special guest John B. Cobb, Jr. We will have an open conversation about Earthism for Loving Mother Earth; Earthism for Ecological Civilization; Earthism for YOU Taking Responsibility; and Earthism for Regeneration. Participants will receive a PDF of all 30 EARTHisms. To receive the Zoom link please send an email to ceo@universityforsuccessfulliving.org.

Earthism for Loving Mother Earth
Earthism for Ecological Civilization
Earthism for Regeneration
Earthism for YOU Taking Responsibility!

We also invite you to take advantage of the two other exciting opportunities for you to hear personally from John B. Cobb, Jr. in the next few days!

On Earth Day he will be included in a panel discussion during the 7th annual Earth Gratitude Festival. Dr. Cobb will join Ervin LaszloJohn Perkins, Deborah Rozman and other esteemed guests for the HUMANS 2.0 panel discussion starting at 8 am on Earth Day Weekend (April 22nd and 23rd). Panelists will discuss the future of humanity and how we can survive into the future as part of the 5 day Earth Gratitude Festival 2022.

Earth Day Festival Livestream April 2022

Then on April 28, John Cobb and John Perkins will be the featured presenters in the Living Earth Movement monthly community gathering at 1:00 PM PDT.

Living Earth Movement Featured Image

When Dr. Cobb sent letters to the presidents of the United States and China in October 2021 asking them to set aside their national differences and collaborate on addressing the global climate crisis, he shared that he was personally distressed by the prospects faced by his five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. That is what inspired us to use the header image with a child from an issue of our daily Planet Blessed newsletter for this article.

The letters he sent to the presidents have already produced significant results including establishment of the Living Earth Movement (LEM) by Dr. Cobb when he recently celebrated his 97th birthday. You may be among those who don’t yet know of the substantial legacy contributions of John Cobb who has written over 50 books including IS IT TOO LATE? The Theology of Ecology. That was first published 50 years ago, well before the movie Don’t Look Up, when he began sounding the climate change alarm and offering positive potential solutions that could lead to an ecological civilization. If you are interested in learning more about Eco Civ, you can download David Korten‘s paper on Ecological Civilization, From Emergency to Emergence.

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