Earthism for Unconditionally Loving Earth

I bless our wonderous Earth today and recognize the innate love, wisdom, and power I have to be a conscious and privileged custodian of our wondrous earth. The earth is more than just my home; it is a vast, interactive, and amazing classroom of incredible proportions. I bless the idea that a beautiful and loving life is a natural part of my existence and begins first and foremost with acceptance and unconditional love for self. I acknowledge my beloved Earth as a complex being, and as a sentient, vibrant and living consciousness. I bless and honor everything on Planet Earth from the from the air I breathe, to the soil I walk upon to the water I drink. I bless the Earth for everything it so lovingly provides to support and sustain life. I honor Mother Nature as she calls to us once again and reminds us of the beauty held within all kingdoms – animal, plant, and mineral – each in its rightful place and combined into a symphony of exquisite melody. I acknowledge the idea that loving Earth is as vital as loving myself. I honor the global consciousness that begins with love along with our creative expressions to ease the suffering we may have inflicted through ignorance and will over eons of time. Today we have the opportunity to reverse this in a blink of an eye as we approach the Loving Earth within a space and consciousness of unconditional love.©PlanetBlessed