Earthism from Planet Blessed for Stewardheirship April

Join us in Blessing the earth!

let's make the world a better place together!

Are you looking for a simple way to help make the world a better place? Help us Bless the Earth and Celebrate Earth Day in Earth StewardHeirShip April with EARTHisms to Bless the Earth. Taking the time to honor and Bless Mother Earth with positive intentions can help raise the individual and collective consciousness on Spaceship Earth!

We invite you to this guided meditation
combining BLESSism & EARTHism,
presented by Mindfully Blessed & Planet Blessed!

Want to Honor Mother Earth?

Try the EARTHisms that inspire you!
EARTHisms are a wonderful way to send love to Planet Earth and they are a simple thing you can do to make the Planet a more loving, healthy, and happy place.

Earthism for the Air


I bless and am extraordinary grateful for Mother Earth and the clean, fresh air all around me.


I bless Planet Earth and the biosphere of Planet Earth. I bless that part of the Earth and its atmosphere in which all living organisms exist.

Conservation & Climate Change

I bless Planet Earth and the climate of Planet Earth. I pray for conservation of the Earth’s finite resources.


I bless Planet Earth and the role humankind can play in helping to detoxify the Earth.


I bless, thank, and send love to the environment and seek the wisdom to properly care for our environment.

Fauna and Flora

I bless all the plants and animals that lovingly co-exist on our Planet.

Earthism for Glaciers and Groundwater

Glaciers & Ground Water

I send love and blessings to the Earth and to all the glaciers, groundwater, and surface water. I bless this symbiotic relationship.

Earthism for the Hydrosphere


I bless the Earth’s hydrosphere and the immense contribution it serves. I bless everything that the hydrosphere encompasses from the water to the water cycle to the clouds and the rain

Earthism for Islands and Inlets

Islands and Inlets

I bless the Planet’s islands and inlets for their magnificence, natural beauty, and splendor.

Earthism for the Jet Stream

Jet stream

I bless the jet stream in all its magnificent splendor. I bless the important role the jet stream plays in worldwide weather patterns.

Earthism for the Hydrosphere

Being Kind to Mother Earth

I bless the Earth and send her love, kindness, and compassion. I praise Mother Earth for her extraordinary beauty.

Earthism for Unconditionally Loving Earth

Unconditionally Loving Earth

I bless our wonderous Earth today and recognize the innate love, wisdom, and power I have to be a conscious and privileged custodian of our wondrous earth

earthing for the Mountains


I bless the magnificence of the Earth’s mountains and what I can learn from the mountains.

Earthism for Natural Resources

Natural Resources

I bless the Earth’s natural resources. I bless and honor everything the earth so lovingly provides.

Earthism for Oceans & Tides

Oceans & Tides

I bless all the beautiful oceans on Planet Earth. I bless the importance of the ocean’s tides and the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun.

Earthism for the Four Seasons

Four Seasons

I bless all the beautiful seasons on Planet Earth for the happiness and joy they bring. Thank you for the role you play acting as a natural motivator for the actual process of change on the Planet.

Earthism for Transformation of Human Consciousness

Transformation of Human Consciousness

I bless humankind’s ability to transform and transcend. I bless our ability to take a quantum evolutionary leap of consciousness for all of humanity.

Earthism for the Universe


I bless the Universe for its magnificent splendor. I bless everything in the Universe from the tiniest star to the biggest planet.

Earthism for Volcanoes


I bless all the magnificent volcanoes of the world. I thank you for all the wonderful benefits for our environment including atmospheric cooling, land formation, water production, fertile land, geothermal energy and for the raw materials you so lovingly provide.

Earthism for Water


I bless the energy of water. I send water love, kindness, and compassion. I bless water for the nutrients it brings to all the cells of the body as well as oxygen to the brain. I bless water for its role in all facets of life.

Earthism for X

X - Unknown Discoveries and Natural Resources

I bless all the beautiful, unknown, and as yet undiscovered resources and new discoveries that will help make the world a happier, healthier, and more balanced place.

Earthism for YOU Taking Responsibility!

You Taking Responsibility

I bless Planet Earth and take personal responsibility in doing my part in taking care of the Earth. I realize I have a choice to either take care of the Planet or treat it harshly and unkindly

Earthism for Treating Mother Earth as a Zen Garden

Treating Mother Earth as a Zen Garden

I bless Planet Earth and honor Mother Earth as my very own personal Zen Garden. I vow to treat the Earth with love, kindness and with the utmost compassion.

Earthism for Ecological Civilization

Earthism for Ecological Civilization

I bless the world’s ecological civilization. May we all be committed to moving to a more balanced ecological civilization where we are invested in and interested in the relationship of human life to the natural world.

Earthism for Loving Mother Earth

Loving Mother Earth

I bless Mother Earth and dream of a day when we can all lovingly co-exist without anger, pain, hunger, or fear.

Earthism for Honoring Bucky Fuller

Honoring Bucky Fuller

We bless and honor R. Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller for the work you were divinely inspired to create.

Earthism for Global Coherence

Earthism for Global Coherence

I bless and honor my ability and capacity to love mysclf and the Planet unconditionally. I strive for global coherence.

Nature is a totally efficient, self-regenerating system. IF we discover the laws that govern this system and live synergistically within them, sustainability will follow and humankind will be a success.

R. Buckminster Fuller

nature landscape