I bless all the rocks, minerals, and quarries on Planet Earth. Thank you for your immense strength and stability. I bless your role in the natural ecosystem of the Earth such as providing habitats on steep cliffs where endangered birds may nest. I bless all the rocks and minerals for your role in providing soil nutrients in places like the Redwood Forest, where the tallest trees in the world grow. I bless and thank all the stone quarries on the Planet for their beautiful contribution in providing building materials. I humbly apologize for any damage we may have done to the environment in acquiring the use of your valuable resources. I thank all the rock quarries in the world for the important role you play on Planet Earth in terms of displacing soil and plants or your role in creating artificial lakes. I thank all the lovely minerals on the Planet for not only your striking beauty, but for your part in creating the Earth’s rocks, soil, and sand. The world is a stronger, more secure place because of you.

The daily quote from The Love Foundation by Harold W. Becker

Nature reminds us how to be in harmony with life itself. -- Harold W. Becker, The Love Foundation - EARTHism is for Quarries, Rocks & Minerals

Why rocks and minerals are so important.
What you need to know.

Rocks and minerals are very important to mankind.

They are not only a source of fuel and power, but also a rich source of minerals. Salt can also be extracted from rocks and believe it or not, rocks also serve as a source of water supply. Rocks and minerals also provide raw materials and building materials, which makes them extremely important to the world’s economy. We believe rocks, quarries, and minerals are an important thing to stop and bless which is why we were inspired to create this EARTHism.

Earthism for Quarries, Rocks & Minerals

Take a moment to reflect on how EARTHism for Quarries, Rocks & Minerals makes you feel.

Journal and Meditation Prompt

1. As you reflect on this EARTHism, and sit in the quiet, notice how it feels to send love and appreciation to the Planet.
2. Make a note of any thoughts, words, or phrases that come to mind as you think about it, and reflect upon the impact you can make on the world by following it.
3. Now challenge yourself to think of some things you can personally do, in your home, neighborhood or community to love, honor, and protect Spaceship Earth.
4. Enjoy the feeling of peace you feel, after taking the time to love, honor, and cherish our precious Planet.
5. Make a pact with yourself to find gratitude and joy along life’s crooked path and to bless, honor, and cherish the Earth every day.

We also have a short video featuring the EARTHism for Quarries, Rocks & Minerals for you to enjoy!